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Our St Petersburg bankruptcy attorneys can help determine if filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest. Many people today find themselves facing financial burdens because of unforeseen circumstances that occurred due to a loss of employment or other unfortunate events such as divorce or medical disability. If you are among the many people today unable to make ends meet and lack the ability to fulfill your financial obligations contact us today for a free bankruptcy consultation.

Many families today are at risk of losing their homes and most of the time this is directly related a loss of job or layoff. Many people are unable to find steady new employment that pays the same wages leaving a debtor in financial distress.


Keep in mind that bankruptcy should always be used as a last option only when all other potential solutions have been tried.


Affordable bankruptcy legal fees is a phone call away

We understand that filing for bankruptcy or even considering bankruptcy as an option can be a bit overwhelming for many individuals. Our Bankruptcy attorney understands bankruptcy law and knowing you have a qualified bankruptcy attorney on your side will not only alleviate the worry but he can help guide you in making the correct decisions concerning your current financial situation. Our St Petersburg bankruptcy attorney will give you the respect and individual attention you deserve.


Affordable St Petersburg Bankruptcy - Legal Fees and costs to keep in mind

Our St Petersburg bankruptcy lawyers provide a free consultation and offer reduced legal fees without the sacrifice of quality representation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy starts from $999 with a court filing fee of $335.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy starts from $999 with a court filing fee of $310.

Additional costs will include obtaining your credit reports, typically this will cost $30 for an individual or $50 if filling a joint bankruptcy, keep in mind these additional costs are subject to change.

It is important to remember only an attorney can give legal advice. We have the experience and knowledge to help you with either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We can help guide you in making the correct decisions on what bankruptcy chapter is right for you.


Liquidation of debts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation is commonly referred to as a straight bankruptcy. The existence and amount of unsecured debts are not disputed. Discharging many different types of unsecured debt are possible with a chapter 7 bankruptcy however, it is important to understand you cannot keep a secured debt without paying for it.

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Repayment plan - Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically filed by people who have the means to repay all or a portion of their debt. Keep in mind Chapter 13 bankruptcy is different from private debt consolidation. For example, your repayment plan is protected by the bankruptcy court and the court has far more legal authority to force unsecured creditors to receive only a portion of their clam including stopping foreclosure actions.

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Our St Pete Bankruptcy Attorneys offer affordable bankruptcy legal fees! Call to speak with one of our experienced St Petersburg Bankruptcy Lawyers (813) 434-0570.