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Filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is something no one wishes to do, however, many people each year find it very difficult to make ends meet leaving individuals and families no other alternative but to seek a legal remedy. Our Tampa bankruptcy attorney is here to answer your questions concerning the several bankruptcy options available.

Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

1. Our legal Bankruptcy fees start from $999 for chapter 7 plus a $335 court filing fee in Tampa Florida.

2. Chapter 13 bankruptcy starts from $999 plus a $310 bankruptcy filing fee.

3. Completion of counseling credit courses.

4. Credit reports, it will cost $30 for an individual and $50 if filing a joint bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Overview

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requires the completion of a means test that we can provide for you. Generally Chapter 7 is referred to as a straight bankruptcy or liquidation, it is the most common type of bankruptcy filed for debt relief. It allows people to discharge unsecured debt and at the same time the ability to keep your car and home. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy also requires you to complete a credit counseling course before filing and a financial management course after filing.

Home equity, is protected by the Constitution in the state of Florida, as well as exempt: IRS approved pensions, retirement, insurance policies, social security, veteran benefits and SSI. In many circumstances you are allowed to keep secured debt like a home, car and jewelry, but keep in mind you can never keep secured property without paying for it. If you are considering filing bankruptcy it is best to consult with our bankruptcy attorney that can guide you in making the correct decisions. Many circumstances can vary based on your individual situation and having a good representation on your side can stop you from making wrong choices.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Overview

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a plan to pay back all or part of your debt and can be used to save a home from foreclosure. Bankruptcy Chapter 13 can last from 3 to 5 years and during this time period you pay one monthly check to a Bankruptcy Trustee that will disburse it to your creditors accordingly. This all requires a proposed plan that shows the court how you will repay some or all of your debt.

During this time period a mortgage company will not be able take your home. Once you catch up on payments you will resume your mortgage payment obligation as you did previously. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used for unsecured and secured debts, it can also help eliminate some IRS debt and organize an affordable way to repay all your debt obligations.

Unsecured debts are debts not secured by collateral. A Secured debt is when a creditors have a security interest in your to guarantee repayment like a car loan or a mortgage. Secured Credit Cards like Sears are considered a secured debt because these stores have a security interest in the items purchased.

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We can help you make the right bankruptcy decisions and determine the best course of action.

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