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Affordable Low Cost Bankruptcy Attorney Services New Port Richey FL

Our Affordable bankruptcy Attorney in New Port Richey Florida can help you and your family with affordable low cost Bankruptcy options. When facing financial distress in these challenging times, more people than ever are experiencing losing their homes, their jobs and their ability to pay their debts and make ends meet on an everyday basis.

If you have been recently divorced, had a mortgage that has been more than you can handle, facing a medical disability or perhaps a reduction of your work hours and decrease in income, our Affordable Bankruptcy lawyers can help New Port Richey residents find the best bankruptcy option for your individual situation.

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Determining which Bankruptcy chapter is correct for you in New Port Richey

No one in New Port Richey, Florida intends or wants to go through a bankruptcy, and many people may not understand all the complex bankruptcy laws making it a troubling situation to figure out alone. Our Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney will not only provide you with low cost bankruptcy legal fees but will be there to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the Bankruptcy process.

Chapter 7 Means Test

Chapter 7 allows debtors to get rid of most of their debts and start over with a clean slate. Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers in many cases can keep their home provided they are current on their mortgage. However, it is important to know that not just anyone can file for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a means test is a tool used to see if a person qualifies for this type of bankruptcy protection.

Learn more about the Chapter 7 Means Test.

Only an Attorney can give legal Advice

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers are professionals registered with the Florida Bar, they have the knowledge and experience to deal with even the most complex individual bankruptcy situations. Our goal is to guide you every step of the way making sure you understand the choices presented when filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Stop creditors from harassment.

Harassment from creditors can be very stressful when you are unable to repay your financial obligations. Creditors and debt collectors can really put a toll on your mental status and marital relationship. The automatic Stay can provide peace of mind by legally stopping all collection efforts until your bankruptcy is discharged.

Learn more about the Automatic Stay.

Our New Port Richey Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you make the right legal decisions

When faced with a bankruptcy there are several options to consider. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Our New Port Richey Bankruptcy Attorney will go over all the details with you during a free consultation that may involve 401ks, savings accounts and other forms of assets etc. pertaining to your situation. It is important to always consult a qualified Bankruptcy Attorney because Bankruptcy laws can change just like any other law. There may be new laws in place for your advantage depending on your individual financial situation. Our Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers understand existing laws and keep up with new bankruptcy laws if they have changed. A good bankruptcy attorney will keep you from making common mistakes that can possibly affect you at a later time.

Our Bankruptcy attorney can help and has numerous years of experience. if you live in New Port Richey, Florida and considering bankruptcy as an option dont hesitate to contact our law firm today.

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